Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three cheers for three kiddos

The biggest news of all -- Owen slept through the night (10 to 6) for the first time last week (And twice since!) Hip Hip Hooray!

Also, Ellie is now potty trained. Hip Hip Hooray! (And just something fun -- This is the craziest potty training party I have ever seen) We put this off for a long time waiting for Owen to sleep through the night... but finally decided it was just time at last :)

And, Landon is officially a reader. Hip Hip Hooray! He came home from a library trip with April a few weeks ago and read us his new books, crawled into bed with me this morning and read to me, loved reading (and laughing through) a Mo Willems book to Grandpa during their visit... such fun!

(I love this from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)