Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am glad for many things...

"I am glad for many things that are mine today"

Life got a little busy and I forgot to keep writing a daily 'thankful' post - so here are a few for catch up.

I'm thankful for a balanced budget, thanks to my new trusty notebook system (replacing in part my long-used excel spreadsheets. ) And for the means to provide all the necessities of life for our family.

I'm thankful for Jordan's great job at Animoto. It's been hard to see some good friends  moving on to other companies as Animoto has grown from it's start-up roots.   But it is still an incredible job and a remarkable blessing for our family.

I'm thankful for my children. Every day my heart is bursting when I think of the tenderness of these three little ones. They've each been sick (at least once...) this week. So I've had more chances than usual for holding and rocking and cuddling and caring.

I'm thankful for Jordan. I love him so.

I'm thankful for a clean home. We worked like crazy this week to prepare for company and It's been so wonderful to have a clean house. A raked yard. Organized cupboards and closets (mostly :)  Even a clean storage room! It feels so nice when things are clean.

And just for fun, from last Sunday afternoon --