Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Break Week 1

A new fort for each new day...

I had great plans for summer break, which were mostly in my head and waiting to be worked out in detail before Monday morning of summer break arrived. Unfortunately for my planning-plans, I got sick with a cold that mostly wiped me out so summer break began in survival mode :)

But wonderfully so!

I don't know when I've felt so grateful to have been sick as Friday afternoon looking back at our first week of summer break and what a sweet, happy week it was. The kids built forts every morning (see above) and managed to clean them all up each afternoon after a 'school time' session with Ellie and Landon while Owen napped. And we just stumbled upon a great little routine that I think is going to take us happily through the summer much better than any I could have carefully planned and scheduled.

Landon especially took over the play-time-leader role so well -- what happiness to see him 'gathering the troops' with a song of "Freedom! Freedom! I am free!" -- Owen's cue to jump in line with Landon and Ellie and march to the next destination for exploration or adventure Landon-style. With the kids doing so well (amazingly!!!) playing together in free time, plus the daily summertime to-do's w/ school time, baseball, scouts, 'super-helper jobs'... and some busy travel time ahead -- we're set for some happy days I think.

More to come on school time and our routines :)