Thursday, February 6, 2014

we live in a beautiful place/our snow loving boy

view out our window a few weeks ago

It seems crazy to say, but we've really had a lovely winter.  It snowed so little in January that we could actually see the grass - and all over the place! (Crazy, I know - in Logan!) And we had tons of blue sky days too which kept me feeling happy.  I think what helped us the most was that Porter has us sticking close to home so we really weren't trying to go out and adventure - that meant that the inversion didn't bother us much and our house was plenty warm, so we hardly noticed the temperature outside! :)

February has brought lots of snow though (making up for lost time!) and happily so. It started snowing early yesterday morning and I don't think it has stopped since.  I asked Landon for some help with shoveling before school today and he headed straight outside (and yes, we had a conversation starting something like "Don't you think you might want some warm pants... or a jacket...?

An amazing helper

Also, something that always makes me smile -- Landon's school is awesome at having all of the sidewalks and walkways neatly cleared before the kids get dropped off in the morning. But no matter where I drop him off, Landon always makes his way to the front door through the snow. Even if it's a straight shot on the front walk, he'll go out of his way to walk through the snow instead of on the shoveled ground -  This funny snow loving boy!