Sunday, June 15, 2014


(Moab/Arches/Campsite/Lizards/Climbing Rocks/Messy craft table :)

We started off our summer vacation with a big event - a camping trip to Moab with Kelly & Josh! The highlight for Jordan was biking the slick rock trail with Josh. The kids loved hiking and exploring and climbing on the great rock mountains (and of course eating s'mores). And it was so fun to spend some time with Kel and Josh and sweet little Jaden - what a great little buddy he is!
The week following our trip, every day I heard things like "Wasn't Moab so awesome?" and "Next time we go to Moab, we'll have to…" and "I just love Moab!" Often the crazy sleep and the work of getting there make me hesitant about big adventures like this, but I'm so happy we took the chance and made these happy memories!

(Thanks again Kel for the fun trip!)