Friday, May 12, 2017


Well, goodness! I've been writing here on this blog for 10 years or so now, but I don't know that I've had a period of time in there where I've written less than this year. I realized some time recently that I was no longer writing blog posts in my mind while I showered, and that is a big change itself. I feel sad that I won't remember the little moments of these days without a record, but such is life -- and I'll get back to all the things that matter someday. :)

In the meantime, today I love

the sound of 
* Landon telling me this morning all about the 5th grade talent show tryouts (he's dribbling a basketball while jumping on his pogo stick! :)
* Tiny little calm quieting from Isaac as he got himself to sleep for his nap just now. (That's the best! It means he's learning to fall asleep on his own and he feels safe and sleepy and okay)
* The boys playing out front with their friend from across the street (our most-days after lunch routine) (And Jordan offering to watch them so I can have this little quiet time)
* A sweet thank you from a classroom teacher who I've helped out for the last few months. (Let's all give a hip, hip hooray for Mrs. Brough!)
* Owen asking me at book group this morning, "Mom, will you sit next to me?" (Owen broke his arm earlier this week so he's taking some time off school to recover/adjust a bit). 

the sight of 
* all the green in all the places! the grass and bushes and trees and mountains -- green!
* and blossoms!
* our front yard swings in happy use again. And Porter's peek-a-booing at me from behind the tree as he swings. 
* a class at school practicing their Portuguese dance in the lunchroom. I love that our kids get to have this as a part of their elementary school lives. 
* Ellie working with such focus through her morning jobs to get ready for school (even though she so much wishes it was summer break already!)

the smell of
* baby powder (left open by me, tipped over by Isaac's wiggling feet on the changing table)
* BYU brownies that I bought yesterday (at a quick/long trip to the orthodontist and back) and tucked in the freezer for a surprise sometime (with a few out for an after school treat today).  

the taste of
* fresh pineapple at this morning's book group
* and my still every day morning oatmeal

the feel of 
* Isaac snuggling in to me as I rock him and sing to him before setting him down to sleep. (Sometimes we do the arched back/please don't put me down cry routine, but often these days it's sweet cuddling up that I love.)
* And Porter snuggling right up in my lap at book group for a few minutes before he was ready to go play with his friends. 
* Friday