Monday, September 23, 2019

College Visit

When we would visit BYU when I was a kid, my parents would always be excited to point out their favorite spots and how things had changed since they were there. "They just finished the Kimball tower right before I graduated!" or "This whole quad was just one giant hole!" kinds of things. I never quite could catch the same enthusiasm that they had, though I did like to stop by the varsity theater snack bar for one cent fruities...

Now, every time we visit BYU with the kids, I am so excited to point out my favorite spots and tell them all about how things have changed since I was there -- "my dorm was right over there!" "You used to be able to drive right through here!" "That's where my old office was!" I finally get it -- there are just so many memories packed into that college time and those once so familiar places. And even knowing that the kids aren't really all that interested, I still show them all my favorite spots, and they offer very similar reactions to what mine once were, with much more enthusiasm for the candy counter or the creamery (understandably :)

Last week, I went along as a chaperone on Landon's college visit day to BYU. (And I left all the sight seeing comments to the tour guide.)  It was a super long bus ride for a super short tour, but still fun to spend the day with Landon and always fun to visit this school I still really love!