Saturday, January 4, 2020

Holly Jolly Design Challenge

(don't mind the fuzziness of these goal tonight was to record something here, and I'm deciding not to let getting this perfect stop me from writing something :)

I joined in on a fun little design challenge in December with Olivia Herrick design and had so much fun working on it and learning some new things. Above are some of my favorites:

1. this poem (I drew that little house (!) and then edited it a bit digitally)
2. repeating pattern (with help from a great little tutorial)
3. christmas card (clipping/mask practice)
4. color palette
5. little houses ( I drew those then played around with adding detail/color digitally)
6. an address stamp
7. logo for "spruce" (this floated around in my head for days before I finally found that just right little tree icon! :)
8. christmas lyrics (love this song!)
9. non-digital (that cute black and white cushion makes me happy each time I come into our driveway, and that little Isaac is awfully cute too!)