Friday, February 21, 2020

2020 goals

I taped a little goal tracker I made to my bathroom door, and I have loved seeing it each day. Thoughts so far:

+ I love that my MOVE goal spaces are all mixed around and uneven. Every time I see it, I notice all the great times I've bundled up and gone out for a winter walk.  I know if I had put a calendar up, or neat tidy squares, every time I saw it I would have just noticed all the empty spaces of days that I skipped. Instead it has just been a celebration.

+ I've been 'MAKING' so much! I had a goal to make something each month - it felt lofty, but doable. I think the combination of taking time to realize that it was a priority for me, and then taking time to record when I'm doing it has really helped me want to make more and more.  Also, an apple pencil from Jordan for Christmas + learning Procreate + practicing with Illustrator have all been so super fun!

+ Having the little reminder on my door to 'PLAY' has helped me say yes to things I might not otherwise have said yes to. Also I've made more of an effort to make plans just for fun. I am not good at this. As an example -- I had all the logistics down for Disneyland. Getting there, where to stay, what to pack, what to eat, etc.  But then it turned out Jordan and  a few kids went to return the rental car on our first morning there, so I just went in to the park with a couple of the kids -- and I didn't know what to do! :) We wandered a bit, traded a few pins, and eventually found a fun trolley ride. But Jordan is most definitely the one who help our family have fun. It has been good practice to work on this myself too.

 + I've struggled with my 'STUDY' goal. I'll usually plan and prepare our family study after church on Sunday, but I feel like it would be a lot better to prep throughout the week, instead of waiting till the last minute. Somehow this has been hard for me to work into a daily routine, but it still feels important so I'll keep working at it.


I bought a beautiful 'line a day' journal and jumped in on January 1. And wrote each day until January 7... But, I got back to it near the end of January (hooray) and am still going. I decided it was fine to go back and fill in some of the blank days with other thoughts or memories, and also it was fine to leave some days blank. So I'm enjoying this small not-every-day-but-some-days practice.