Monday, June 2, 2008

More Mischief!

This weekend, Landon had one his most mischievous escapades yet. We went to our good friend Cassie's house on Saturday night for a BBQ and games. She and her husband are expecting their first -a little boy - in just a few months. Landon and his friend, Paul, were having a blast exploring the non-child-proofed home and leaving behind fingerprints on every sparkling surface they found. Outside wasn't much better w/ an empty lot right behind them with a big mountain of dirt - a dream play place for these little boys!

But, the real mischief came when we let them play upstairs while we started a game. We closed all of the doors so they couldn't get into anything, but after a while we started hearing suspicious noises and surprise! - Landon can now open doors!

I followed Jordan up and when I heard him call down the stairs, "Anybody have a camera?", I knew just where Landon would be... Sure enough - there he was, right in the toilet. Facing the tank, sitting right down in the water, fully clothed even to the shoes, feet and hands splashing around, and just about as happy a boy as he could be!