Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tastes of Summer and a Happy Life

This afternoon Landon and I were sitting out on our front step eating popsicles and watching all the different colors of cars drive by and I was just thinking of what a wonderful place in life I am in. What could be better on a hot summer afternoon than sitting with your little boy and eating popsicles? We had just about the longest Spring that I can ever remember and I absolutely loved it. This weekend it seems that Summer has finally arrived. We had our Friday night date at the Orem Summerfest where we got to check out all of the fun fair foods and trinkets and all.  Landon loved running around and pushing his stroller through the maze of the park. I loved that it wasn't 100 degrees like the Provo festival always is. :) 

Saturday we had a picnic up in Salt Lake with Drew and April and we took a trip to the pound (the Humane Society actually) to let Landon see all of the animal
s. He loved the dogs, but was a bit overwhelmed when they all started barking at once wanting to go out for a walk with the workers.  -- Our little guy has a tender heart. One of the kittens was sleeping with his leg poking out of a slot in the cage. For some reason, Landon thought it's leg was hurt and despite our several attempts to explain otherwise, each time he has thought of that kitten in the past few days, he is so concerned for the poor "meow -- owie!" 

We also got to check out the Provo Farmer's Market. A bit funny because there is no produce in season here yet, so it wasn't much of a Farmer's Market, but it did have lots of fun booths to see.  And I'm excited to go back in a few weeks for some yum delish fruit! :)
Sunday we had a BBQ at my Dad's in celebration of Father's Day as well as my step-brother's children's baby blessings
And today, we got out Landon's sprinkler toy and played in the yard after a hot morning walk.  So, it's a happy summer time again! :)