Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Bronze Bow

I read this when my ward book group was reading it last year, and again read it just a few weeks ago with Jordan. (As a side, there are not many things that I love more than listening to Jordan read to me!) This book is just beautiful. It's a children's fiction book that takes place during Christ's ministry and tells the story of a young man fighting against the Romans and searching for the Messiah to redeem the Jews from their oppression. When I read it, I gained such a new perspective of what life was really like then and what it was to know the Savior when he was on the earth. Because it details the lives of these few people, even though fictitious, you can really imagine what their thoughts and feelings were and their wonder at this man who really was the Messiah. It was neat to see the depiction of how ordinary people may have reacted to Jesus Christ and his teachings and miracles as he worked among them, and wonderful to see examples of his healing sickness and anger and despair, just as he truly does.