Friday, July 18, 2008

The Magical Magic Eraser

I've heard people talk about magic erasers and how great they are, and today I became a believer! :) I finally gave in and bought a package in hopes of just cleaning up a few scuff marks on my old linoleum floor. When I sat down on the floor to try it though, I wiped across the scuff mark, and seriously - just the one swipe - and their was a white streak through my graying tile. Whoa!
 Just once, when we first moved in,  I spent several hours, over a few days with scotch cleanser and SOS pads scouring this floor. Somehow, maybe because it's just so old, my weekly mopping only gets the spots off but it has taken some serious scrubbing to get to the real layers of dirt. But, I spent an hour this afternoon with a couple of magic erasers - no intense scrubbing, just regular old cleaning like you'd do if you were washing the table - and got the entire floor clean! Just amazing! I had to know how these things worked - check out the wikipedia article  if you're interested too in the wonder of this great cleaner! :)