Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunny California

For our anniversary, we spent a week in California w/ Jordan's parents. It was a great time -- we played on the weekend and then Jordan worked from there a normal work-week and we had fun all together in the evenings. I got to relax more and Landon had a blast playing with Grammi and Grandpa. An added bonus was thanks to a bunch of miles with a rewards credit card we had, our total cost for the three round trip tickets was $21.70! :)

This was the cutest little fireman I've ever seen! :) We went trick-or-treating around the court and all of the neighbors who knew Jordan at this age seemed happy to see this darling little guy! 
I am amazed at how many toys Jordan and his sibling had as kids! And, since his parents still live in the same home, they still have most of them packed away up in the attic and such - so Landon had an endless supply of new and exciting toys to play with all week. His favorite, of course, were the cars which he had to carry around by the handfull at all times.

A picnic at 'Sycamore Grove' - when we were planning our trip, the two things Jordan wanted to were visit Sycamore Grove and go see his old schools. We did go for a walk to his elementary school and it was so fun to hear all the things he remembered about it. Usually Jordan doesn't have much of a memory of growing up so it's always great to hear stories from him as a kid. :)

Landon got to stay in the 'Superman room' - painted like blue sky with a big superman flying down from the ceiling. Landon would go in and climb up on the very edge of the bed so that he could touch the superman. He makes a  cute little superman himself!
Jordan playing Chess with Landon -- this was hilarious to watch.  Until Jordan showed him how to knock down the pieces and keep them, it really looked like they were playing a regular old game of Chess together. 

Landon reading stories with Grammi -- she has a great collection of pop-up books that he just loved. 

So, hooray for a fun week of vacation! I got sick with a cold when we came home so it took me all of last week to finally get unpacked, buy groceries again, etc. But now we're back in the swing of things again! :)