Friday, September 25, 2009

Catch up Time & So long Sweet Summer

I think it's been a month (at least) since I last posted, so these may be a bit mixed up for a bit as I do some catch up. So for starters, here (in no particular order) are some fun pics from our summer adventures.

Car wash adventures -- a few neighborhood boys were washing/cleaning the car to earn money and Landon was so excited to join in on the fun.

Vacation adventures -- so fun to spend a couple of weeks in California w/ the Brough's.

Playgroup adventures -- I'm so happy to have a good playgroup going in our ward w/ some of Landon's friends (and my friends!) to go and play at the park each week. (Ellie's just learning about the fun of swings, pretty sweet :)
Imaginary Adventures -- this should be the first on the list of our summertime adventures. Jordan asked the other day "What percent of time to you think you spend addressing Landon as himself?" I really can't say, but it seems like so much of the day is spent being Elliot, Bolt, Tigger, Simba's mom, Lightning McQueen... Here's Landon (er, Darby -"I'm not Landon! I'm Darby!") w/ his 'sleuthing cap' and his trusty dog Buster. (Good old Tigger and Pooh)
Birthday adventures -- we had a family party for Landon and then a Jungle Safari backyard party w/ a few of his friends from the ward. They got to follow the animal footprints around the yard to find different activities, and (the most important part of the party...) and elephant birthday cake. :) Landon is now happy to be three, though it took a while to give up being 2 ("I'm not three! I'm two!!!" :)
Learning to crawl adventures (still learning what needs child-proofing -- I've been surprised that I'd need to do this again.) Here's one of Ellie's happy hangouts, under the table.

Garden adventures -- so fun to just walk outside and pick veggies from the garden while I'm making dinner. Here's a garden dinner w/ peaches from our little tree, pizza w/ tomatoes, squash, onions, zucchini, and carrots (in the sauce) all from our garden!

Adventures w/ Landon's new rides...courtesy of a few neighborhood yard sales. Landon is a PRO on his scooter, but is still getting the hang of his new tricycle.
Laundry catch-up adventures (I can't believe this!)

Lots of around the town adventures: biking, rollerblading, running, walking, scootering...

Such a happy, fun summertime we've had just enjoying our little family. :)