Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Autumn Time!

Landon has been so excited to tell us for the last little while, "It's almost Autumn time!" --now it's here and beautifully so. We took a drive yesterday up past Sundance to see the changing leaves -- just gorgeos w/ all the reds and golden yellows... I love it. We're happily harvesting our garden, enjoying our outside adventures (not looking forward to snow, though Landon has already changed his excited exclamation to "It's almost snow time!" :), working on our yard ...

We took a bike ride up the canyon and had a picnic tonight for our date night. (We'd done the same ride a few weeks ago and it just about wiped me out, so I was amazed at how easy it seemed today - hooray!) So fun to be with our little family.

And such beautiful autumn days to enjoy!
More pics from this week's picnic -->