Sunday, March 21, 2010


Each day when Jordan gets off work, he comes inside and is instantly greeted with a "Dada!" from Ellie with her arms outstretched ready to be picked up, followed not a moment later by Landon's "Dada!" (Landon quickly learned that Daddy was unable to resist Ellie's plea for up!)

These days, Ellie loves ---

Still, to be up in our arms. To walk around and exlore things - always in boomerang style right back to mommy and daddy. She loves chasing Landon or getting chased (so long as she doesn't get caught), being outside, riding in the pack with Daddy, going for adventures, walking along the front sidewalk, putting on hats and shoes, singing songs with hand actions, being able to tell us what she wants (learning new words - more, done, up and down, car, ball, cracker), tickles, laughing, eating clementines or ice cream or chocolate , playing the piano (up on her tip-toes at the piano edge :), helping Landon clean up toys, climbing up the stairs (or climbing in general), sitting in just the right spot...

Sweet girl!