Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!

(Or 'Spring 1st' as Landon would say :)
Yesterday Jordan and Landon worked on clearing away some rocks from one of our green strips and planted some colorful pansies and lots of wildflower seeds. As neighbors walked by on their way to the park or drove by, we wondered if they were thinking 'don't they know the deer will just eat those up?' or 'what are those Brough's doing out in the snow planting flowers?' But Jordan had a spring planting bug, so plant he did. :) (And happily, our flowers survived their first night with no deer stopping to munch!)
(Ellie is suddenly camera shy and loves to look the other way w/ a mischievous smile when she sees the camera)

We had some lovely sunshine this morning so we sat in the backyard before church-- Jordan set up the hammock and Ellie's swing -- and the kids had a great little crackers and cheese snack in the warm warm sun. Spring is certainly a bit behind here in Logan, but we can feel it coming. Hooray!