Friday, March 4, 2011

Jordan's new job

A few weeks ago, Jordan was talking with Drew about work and about how much someone would have to pay him to leave his current job at Animoto. They were talking salaries, and Jordan was guessing close to triple, but at least more than double. He loves his job that much!

The next week, Jordan's manager called him and asked him for his thoughts on taking a new position as the team lead for his group of developers. ('Nothing is more constant than change'...) Given the options and where each choice would lead, he decided it was the best thing to do - so, farewell to the old beloved job and welcome to a new challenge!

Jordan's super excited about the new position - it's a lot more managing and a lot less coding, but he's happy to be learning some new skills and still working with the same stellar guys that have made it such a great place.

We are certainly feeling the weight of a lot of new things around here though -- a new job for Jordan with lots to learn and some upcoming travel, a new baby joining us in just a few weeks... and still recovering from the LONG winter sicknesses we've all had!

Today is a beautiful sunshiny day though and things feel happy and hopeful and exciting. It's wonderful what some blue sky can do for me. :)