Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Home Evening Goals

Just thought it would be fun to record what the kids chose for their goals during FHE --

Owen -- (chosen by Landon) "I have a great idea for Owen's goal this week - let's put tummy time to the test!"

Landon - to be gentle with Owen
Ellie - "My goal this week is I'm cleaning up my room every day!"

I love these pics -- one because they're just cute pics of the kids being great little helpers, but more because they caught the sweet happy moment of making blueberry muffins with my kiddos -- before things started to fall apart: naptime was approaching, I ran out of energy and wondered what I was doing trying to make muffins... Ellie started crying, Owen woke up hungry... "Ellie is crying and Owen is crying and Ellie is crying and Owen is crying!" (from Ellie) But Landon was coming to the rescue as he does when things start to get a little rough around here and Jordan jumped in to help too :)