Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Owen's First Week

We've had such a sweet happy week just loving our new little Owen. He's such a content, mild little guy and has been enjoying all the cuddling and loves he's getting.

A few things from our first week with baby Owen --

  • An amazingly smooth labor and delivery -- I feel so very grateful for that.
  • A sweet and peaceful hospital stay. Because the hospital is just a few minutes from our house, Jordan took on visitor status rather than resident status this time. That meant that I had lots of quiet time to enjoy this precious little guy, interspersed with lots of happy visits. The kids sure thought it was wonderful to come and see their new baby brother! I watched Anne of Green Gables, started re-reading "A Quiet Heart" from Sister Holland (such a peace-bringing book), listened to great music, watched the rainy, rainy day and held and loved my little son. Such a sweet time.
  • Happy surprises at the hospital from my sweet family- cheerful visits, balloons, flowers, homemade dinner from Kathie

  • Grammi and Grandpa have kept things running smoothly - playing, pretending, putting to bed, cooking, tidying, and everything else...
  • We finally chose a name!
  • Landon and Ellie love to hold Owen -- Landon can sit still holding him longer than he can sit still for almost anything :) Ellie likes to hold him about 5-10 seconds, then hop down and ask again "can I hold baby Owen?" They are both so excited about this little guy! He's been a pretty lucky baby with so many arms to hold and love on him - Grammi and Grandpa, April, me, Jordan, Landon and Ellie!

  • It started snowing about the time Owen and I came home from the hospital early Thursday afternoon and it just kept on snowing and snowing and snowing through Saturday. Such a funny feeling in the early Spring to have such a Christmasy snow, but it made for a really nice and peaceful few days to just relax and enjoy this little guy.
  • Newest tricks -- Owen is a champ at nursing (hooray!). He's stretching out, waking up more, opening his eyes and starting to focus a little better. He makes super cute little sleepy noises and is an expert at cuddling right up. :)