Friday, June 3, 2011

Aggie Ice Cream

Source: via Anastasia on Pinterest (I am loving Pinterest for finding cool things!)

It may not compare with the BYU Creamery, but we are doing our best to embrace Aggie Ice Cream (really not too hard to enjoy an ice cream store within walking distance from our house!) We had a trip for ice cream this week while Winslow was visiting (who could say no to an April-inspired question whispered from Ellie 'Grandpa will you take me to Aggie ice cream?) Also, last week Jordan and I took the kids to the Aggie ice cream tour. We got to go see and learn about where they make their ice cream and cheese -- see all the machines and hear about what they do, step into the crazy cold freezer where the ice cream is stored, watch a video about the ice cream process, and of course enjoy some yummy ice cream.

A few fun things --

--The guy giving us the tour was a cheese-maker and mentioned that he tasted every batch of cheese that they made before they sold it (if a batch doesn't taste so great, they turn it into some processed cheese of some kind - interesting). But, it reminded me of the commercials from high school of the "Professional Cache Valley Cheese Taster" that I remember thinking were hilarious. Now I've actually met one of those professional cheese tasters :)

-- The machine that freezes the ice cream ( I think) and mixes in the air (or maybe just one of those things) and also mixes in any extra ingredients (like oreo cookies, fruits or nuts) was built in the 50's. So interesting that they are still using the same machine that they've been using for 60 years and it still works great -- pretty cool.

-- Aggie blue mint is their most popular flavor - even more popular than vanilla. (And it is quite yummy)

A pretty fun early-summertime event!