Sunday, June 3, 2012


On Friday night we adventured to Gaucho Grill for a delicious Brazilian dinner out on their patio on the river's edge. I loved the beautiful evening and the Brazilian lemonade, Jordan loved the great outdoor spot and his favorite foods, Landon loved the lemonade and throwing rocks in the river during dinner, Ellie loved the pineapple and the wandering ducks and Owen loved the fried bananas.

As always, Jordan helped Landon and I up the tough hills. But Landon was such a trooper.  We got home and mapped our route -- 8.3 miles! (I don't think I even knew how to ride a bike when I was five!)

The next morning we rode to the Farmer's Market - Jordan on his rollerblades, Landon and I biking. I pulled the trailer in case Landon needed to ride, mostly it just meant that Jordan spent more time pushing me up the hills while Landon rode up ahead!  We took a different route home with steeper hills that at one point had Jordan pushing both the Bob stroller with Owen and the bike trailer with Ellie while Landon and I rode our bikes up on our own. At another spot Landon and  I walked up the hill pushing Owen in the the Bob while Jordan rode my bike pulling Ellie in the bike trailer with Landon's bike strapped on top. (We are quite the downtown parade, I'm sure!)

We do love our adventures! :)