Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Superman Landon, age 2 
"I wish I could fly!"

I've been hearing several variations of this same wish from Landon in the past few days. I wish I was a bird! Oh! I just wish wish wish I had wings so I could fly!

This morning I heard a cry from Landon in the guest room downstairs. Ellie met me on my way down with a 'Come help Landon!'.

I walked in to see Landon - complete with superman cape -- sitting on the floor at the foot of the desk with a toppled folding chair beside him. Of course my first thought was of a crash landing in flying lessons.

This time however it was just a climbing mishap -- with the folding chair on top of the desk he thought he could scale the king size mattress currently on end nearby (while we rearrange).
I'm glad his adventure didn't work out more smoothly, since the height of the mattress may have inspired some irresistible flying practice - with greater hurts to follow than his toppling had brought.