Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bucket Game

The bucket game is played at last... now Ellie can think about other things  like a great canoe ride to come. 
Jordan had the day off on Friday, so we had a day full of working and playing and celebrating. Ellie woke up in the morning at 7:00 with an idea in her head of playing a game with our whole family and our 4th of July decoration buckets. The rules were clear and orderly -  

"We stand in a row and we all stand in order, first Owen, then Ellie, then Landon, then Mommy, then Daddy. Then we pass the  buckets down the row."

Somehow throughout the day - though the rules were oft repeated and in great detail -  we stayed so busy or one member of the family wasn't available or we just couldn't do it right now...  Sweet Ellie just kept trying. Reminding us, instructing us, detailing the order for us to play her game. Finally, when we arrived at Hyrum reservoir that evening about 6:00 (after an entire day with every Ellie conversation including  game preparations and with the addition of April into the game's order), we climbed out of the car and before heading to the canoe and paddle board rentals we played Ellie's game. We lined up - Ellie, Landon, April, Mommy, Daddy ("Owen can just walk around actually"). And we passed the two buckets down the line.

"That's the end of the game!" 

And I think what a relieved Ellie to have this off her mind at last (next time I hope we'll remember to listen sooner!)