Sunday, July 15, 2012

The wait is over/ A big weekend/ Farewell Provo House

Landon  (three years old) in the treehouse
After signing our closing papers and sending them off, we traveled down to Provo this weekend to say farewell to our old home.  We had a backyard campout, took care of selling our appliances, and enjoyed one last stay in our little Provo house.

Someone had taken a few bricks off of the front of the playhouse in the backyard - a memento I suppose for a sweet little house full of moments they wanted to remember.  I'd felt that too at one point - searching around for pieces to keep to remember later on that this little home was once here and was once an important part of our life. (The fruit trees we planted in the backyard? The miniature rose bush from the front porch? The address numbers I painted? A cupboard knob from our refinishing? A few snails for Landon? :)

But mostly on this trip, I was noticing all of the little things that once seemed so important but will soon be gone with the rest of the house. The light switch cover in the living room that I debated about splurging on, the baseboards that drove us crazy for over a year until we finally finished cleaning/sanding/painting and replacing them. The spot in the wood floor we installed where the boards didn't quite meet up right. The master bedroom walls that took months to clean after Landon's Easter Sunday Sharpie spree. The planter in the back that filled my summer mornings with weeding.  The corner in front that we tamed from a jungle into a garden spot - that has since grown back into a jungle once again. The carefully chosen paint colors in each room... So many little things that sure seemed important - and maybe some of them were. But life just keeps moving on. It was a good reminder for me to pay attention to the things that are going to matter for more than just a little while.

We sure had some happy times in that little house. So many of our memories there are of projects, improvements, planting and clearing. Chopping down and planting trees, scrubbing and cleaning, planning and deliberating, sanding and painting... If nothing else (and soon there really will be nothing else), those are pretty sweet memories to keep.

That little tiny tree behind the mailbox is not so tiny now -- the mailbox is almost completely hidden now and you have to practically climb inside the tree just to get to the mail!