Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hidden Picture

I just finished one of the big projects I started yesterday (a Halloween twister mat for Landon's class party tomorrow). I finally glanced around enough to notice why Jordan mentioned last night with more than  a hint of relief "Just 2 more days of these projects, right?"  :)

So, here's the hidden picture: can you spot 10 projects in the works on this kitchen counter?

(I promise this counter was clean yesterday afternoon!)

1. Halloween Twister mat  (spray paint, stencils, hole punch, paint brush, cutting board, scissors, sticky glue)
2. Jello Worms experiment (rubberband, tall cup - and some straws under one of those piles I think)
3. Morning Dishes Job (silverware tray, veggie scrubber, breakfast dishes, fondue pot...)
4. Lunch (Ellie's paper plate turned paint holder, Owen's tray, Spinach salad bowl)
5. Ellie's pretend Road/ Class book  (long colored paper strip scraps, 3-eyed guy and Lightning McQueen)
6. Tuesday flowers (leftover vase of flowers being replaced)
7. Portuguese learning (notecard taped up)
8. Family Game Night (box of cards/ computer stand)
9. Pumpkin Puzzles (painted craft stick pile)
10. 10 more projects (open on my computer desktop - Don't Eat Pete, halloween snack brainstorming, uploading photos, emailing,  snack bag labels, monster matching game search, weekly goals chart, family budget...)

(Not pictured -- every other surface and space of our upstairs, and my craft room, and my bedroom all looking about the same...)

Time to tackle this mess!