Saturday, October 27, 2012


A treat plate surprise made by Ellie while I was out running, with a note transcribed by Landon "Dear Debbie, I hope you have a great run today. From Ellie to Mommy."
I've thought out at least a dozen mini - essays all about running in the past few weeks, since those few minutes each morning are some of the clearest of my days. In college, I used to interview myself on various topics while I ran... now I usually just think about all the things I love about running and revisit them again and again with plans to write them down here at some point.

Of course I can't remember the clever and thoughtful an wonderfully poetic lines I imagined I'd write...

But here are some thoughts anyway :)

- Early this week I was just amazed at the brilliant, bold fall colors. The fresh, crisp air of a very recent rain. The golden light of the mountains in there perfect yellow-fall shades. What a gift! What a sweet reward for getting myself out on what I thought would be a soggy and grey morning run. 

- The next morning was snow!
blurry pic from the snowflake dusted  ipod:)
And I thought I would be a lonely runner in the slushy new snow, but again I was surprised with a lovely run full of friendly hellos from neighbors and dog walkers (though the dogs were sporting new sweaters :) Oh, I love these few morning minutes. 

- Jordan picked up my new (used) treadmill for me today and I'm excited that there is a possibility to keep running as the temperatures keep dropping... but I will certainly miss my favorite things about running  --- neighbors who I don't know at all but feel like friends from our daily 'good mornings' or smiles or waves, the beautiful neighborhood trees and mountains,  the robins and squirrels and once-in-a-while rabbits darting around, Ellie or Owen's personalized soundtracks of made-up songs, my favorite tree to stretch under when I get home...

- I injured my foot a few weeks ago (after my longest solid run ever of 3 1/2 miles!) and had to give up my plan of running a 10K in a few weeks. But recovery has come much faster than I had feared, and I've been thrilled to be back, even without the big plan in place. 

-  Every few weeks I add or swap out a new layer as the weather gets colder. My latest bright orange running shirt / extra warm magenta gloves combo is a new favorite for the instant 'I'm a runner' feeling it brings :)