Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve pre-party partying :)

I'm just finishing up Christmas putting-away, so it still feels very 'New Years' for me. I haven't yet settled on my goals and plans for the year besides this - I just want to spend my time well with this little family that I love. And do all the things I should be doing each day. Running, exercising, scriptures, playing and reading with the kids, being kind, eating good food... 

Today was back to school for Landon and back to routines for Ellie and Owen and me. Ellie asked if we could do "homeschool preschool" and talk about mixing colors together -- which turned out to be  a pretty fun way to celebrate the back-to-regular-life day. 

Other top priorities for the day: laundry (!!!) and a special after school snack of chocolate chip cookies :)