Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Banana bread baking helpers
With Landon back to school, these two are figuring out out how to best keep each other company.  We're starting to wonder how quickly Owen will pass up Ellie in size, and how she'll take being the 'little' sister to both of her brothers!

Landon loves to be the big brother and take care of his little buddy Owen (and he does a great job). This morning (about 6:00), Jordan got back from the gym to find Landon and Owen at the bottom of the stairs and Ellie at the top of the stairs giving reminders to go back to bed. Apparently Owen had been crying and woken up Landon who wanted to let me sleep so he thought he'd get Owen up and go take care of him downstairs...  Jordan got everyone back to bed and I woke up happily just before 7 to hear the story I'd slept through! :)

January days/running around the block