Thursday, April 4, 2013

a happy (sick!) little guy

Owen and Landon at the temple for Julia's wedding a few weeks ago

These two boys  (and Ellie starting today) have been sick for the past few weeks - off and on - with just enough off to keep me from taking them in to the doctor.  Owen had a rough few days and I finally made an appointment with the pediatrician yesterday, but then he woke up happy and great so I canceled. Then about bedtime, we got home from a bikeride and his temperature was over 103, so in we went to Instacare. The nurses gave him some ibuprofen and he just sweetly (though sleepy and miserable!)  rested with me while we waited for the doctor. As soon as the the medicine kicked in though,  he was happy to sit up and play and talk about the 'big bad wolf' again and again :)

  Finally after an exam and some chest x-rays the doctor let me know that it looked like pneumonia. (This was definitely one of those times I was glad I didn't just keep waiting it out)  Poor little guy!  Still with some antibiotics working hard in his system and a lunchtime picnic  today,  he was  running around us in the grass with a "watch out everybody" and a  "look at me!"  (I've not yet learned how to get these boys to rest once they feel even a little bit better.)  We'll be back to the doctor this afternoon to check up on how he's doing, but so far he is one happy guy to be feeling better!