Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Owen Buddy!

The birthday boy w/ possibly his favorite gift - a squishy 'splat' egg from Uncle Nathan
This little Owen is such a happiness maker in our family. With the best hugs ever, and his new vocabulary full of copy-cat phrases and "I love you too!" and just enough of "No!" to show he's really two... And he just makes us smile and laugh and feel so happy.  He loves to sit in the rocking chair and read a book, talk about 'the big bad wolf outside' from his favorite three little pigs story, help make breakfast or muffins or dinner or anything that lets him sit on the counter and measure and pour and stir. He loves to give hugs and join in the fun with Landon and Ellie's activities and race to Daddy as soon as he's spotted upstairs from work. And oh how we love our little Owen guy!