Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Merry Christmas and a sweet treat

Christmastime 2013 
Jordan and the kids surprised me with such a sweet treat for Christmas.  They set out to recreate one of my very favorite Christmas time treats (which have been impossible to find for the last few years) - Chocolate covered mint oreos. But, not just any chocolate covered mint oreos (which would have been amazing - my sister Kelly gifted me with a homemade batch a few years ago and I absolutely loved them!)   Jordan and the kids went all out though with 7 different varieties covered in every different kind of dipping chocolate they could find! We had a tasting party and the 'Ghirardelli  dark melting wafers' came out on top for me (followed closely by the Bakers dipping chocolate and Candi Quik chocolate). Such a fun sweet surprise!

A box full of Hand-dipped Chocolate Covered Mint Oreos (with carefully written  labels by Landon)