Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year Summaries

Since we didn't quite manage Christmas cards this year, but I still wanted to take time to remember where we were all at... here's our kind of close to the New Year newsletter :)

Landon (7) is in 2nd grade, learning Portuguese in the dual immersion program at our school. An amazing big brother, he is full of energy and ideas. He loves to share or to offer help, especially when it's a big deal and he can really save the day.   He loves to learn about animals and share all the interesting things he learns. Play days with friends, special breakfasts, computer time (especially with Jordan) and snow days are some favorites. And reading! This is a boy who loves to read. Landon loves to hold Porter too and is awesome at keeping him cheered up in the van.

Ellie just turned 5 (!) and loves to make and do. Paper creations are her specialty these days, and she's becoming an excellent little artist too. Ellie loves to figure things out and sees life in patterns and numbers and sizes. A new toolbox (built with Jordan) is a favorite - as was helping to put together all of our new playroom shelves. Ellie loves to sing, draw, help make dinners and desserts, and mostly be close to Mom. She just started a Portuguese class and is proud to show off "Head, shoulders, knees and toes (in Portuguese) in super-fast mode. Ellie also surprised us a few weeks ago by calling us on the phone (she learned our numbers?!) and now has Grammie & Grandpa's number memorized from their frequent phone chats.

Owen (2) is our little happiness maker. "Wait, wait!" He'll yell at bedtime... "I love you so much too!" Owen is happy to follow along and play along with whatever adventures or fun the other kids can come up with. Playing tag or hide and seek, coloring pictures, playing cars... he'll happily join in. He's an awesome helper at dinner time and loves to help set the table with a frequent "What do I do next?" He was proud to learn how to climb out of his crib and come out of his room to say hello during naptimes...(which we didn't mind too much, since he waited till almost 3 to start practicing this trick!) And Owen still fills us up with love with his amazing hugs.

(3 months)
Porter (5 months). Oh our little Porter boy is a sweet precious little one. (He's been crying himself to sleep tonight as I write, so my heart is feeling a bit broken for him right now - poor guy!) He is thoughtful and watchful and delights us all with his smiles and giggles. Several wake-ups each night still have him leaps and bounds ahead of the other kids sleep schedules at this stage, so we're hopeful for a day when we'll all sleep again.  Little though he is, he's the center of our world right now and we are so grateful to have him in our family.

Jordan is loving to work in his new 'office shed' in the back yard. With walls made almost entirely of windows and the sun shining through, this Logan January has felt like a beautiful Spring for him.  Still enjoying work at Animoto, while also thinking of a possible change in the future, Jordan has been busy as an awesome employee as well as lining up phone screens and interviews on the side. A bit of unicycle riding, desk-biking, running and other adventures and he's a happy guy. Jordan's also gotten hooked on Duolingo and is loving to practice his Portuguese and think about traveling there with our family someday.  At church, he's continued as the executive secretary with a new bishop who is very grateful for him. And Jordan is especially grateful to Debbie for letting him sleep these days!

Debbie - A new calling as the primary chorister meant farewell to the Webelos scouts (and sadly to a weekly visit with a really great friend!) but also a welcome back to my favorite place to be (primary).  And nursery singing time is still a highlight of each week.  I've been content these days to follow Porter's lead and let him rock my world for this little time while he is so little. Grocery shopping trips are the big events (which I usually bring Jordan along for as back-up!) A few projects from my craft room here and there, some good books to read, DuoLingo to practice, treats to make, laundry to wash... these fill up the minutes in between. I love being a mom to these little ones and feel so grateful for the happy life we have.