Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I'm thankful for April!

A few conversations from our house in the 24 hours or so --

from Porter to Jordan
You love me, and Owen, and Ellie... and Landon and Isaac...
And you love Mom!
And you love April!

at dinnertime yesterday

from Porter, out of the blue, and a little sadly -
Remember April's gone?

from Owen,
I know! I ran downstairs to tell her something and I forgot she wasn't here anymore!

from Porter today
I can stay home with April... oh actually... hm. :(

We got to have April here a lot this Fall and it was just so great. When I went to find a picture, I was surprised to remember all the great adventures the kids especially got to have with her -- camping and hiking, Lagoon and Aggie ice cream and bike riding... Besides being such a great help and fun adventurer, it was just so fun to have her here just to talk to and visit and be together. We will miss her now that she's back home!