Tuesday, November 22, 2016

still thankful

So, apparently I'm not ready to get back to a writing every day habit, even for a month of Thanksgiving. But that's okay, I'm still thankful :) 

Here are some little things I'm thankful for today --

+ Today is the first day in about 2 weeks that all three kids have been at school after we've all taken turns with a few different rounds of sickness.  Porter and I are still sniffling, but everyone seems to be recovering. 

+ I'm thankful for the extra time I've gotten to spend with these kiddos as they've each taken turns with their sick days! Especially on the days when nobody was too miserable but just resting/recovering at home.

+ Yesterday was a recovery day for Ellie, and she and Owen had such fun when he got home from school. They were playing together in such a fun way and they got so excited about their plan of  going to the store to pick out a christmas decoration that I even stretched and packed up all 4 little ones for a trip to the dollar store before nap times. Through the morning, Ellie was playing so happily with Porter that I even had a chance to start on Landon's blanket (his birthday present several months late...)!

+ I'm thankful for this beautiful, warm November weather we've had!

+ I'm thankful for a fun chance to help Jordan with a project for work last night. He had to get something up for a conference he's helping with and the designer hadn't had a chance to finish designing the pages, so I got to help and it was just fun. :)

+ I'm thankful for a good afternoon nap for little Isaac (poor little-bit-sick guy!) right now. 

+ I'm thankful for the chance to do homework and reading time with Owen this afternoon. I've not been super awesome about homework with him. As a kindergartener, he needs one-on-one help with homework time so if we don't do it before the older kids get home, it doesn't happen. But when it does, it's (almost) always just so fun. (Sometimes there are lots of "it's time to focus" reminders when the silly-bug comes)

+ I'm thankful for sweet Landon. He debated about taking a recovery day off today or going to school, and ended up going to school. (He was most excited to be feeling better so he could hold Isaac again!) Before he left,  he left me a 'scavenger hunt' of notes all around the front room -- "I love you Mom!" and hearts and piranhas   :)