Sunday, February 12, 2017


Slept in with little Isaac
Kids Saturday morning Wii time
Hurry, quick super fast breakfast/play clothes/coats/shoes/get out the door
Run into Lee's for team treats and glazed donuts
Owen's basketball game -- great defending Owen! cuddling Porter, sharing a box of tissues
Realized I'm not feeling so good and wondering if these little boys will ever get better... called to ask my partner to teach the lesson for primary tomorrow.
Stop home to pick up library books
Drop off library books (no more fines accruing, hooray!)
Early to Landon's game, drills in the middle school halls while we wait
Landon's basketball game -- great playing Landon! "I saw those two really tall guys on the other team so I was just playing my best!" cuddling sleepy Isaac, cheering for these great boys
Lunch time at home - Olive Garden leftovers for me and Jordan, hooray!
Ellie off to "The Little Mermaid" play with a friend
Nap times, quiet times, planning the afternoon
Set up the baby monitor for a quick walk around the block with Jordan
Storage room clean out/organizing
Jordan wiring the internet back to his office (through the ceiling, across the bathroom and into his office - good job Jordan!)
Emptying the closet to prep for taking it apart
(Maybe we'll start making progress on our basement?)
Lots of cardboard boxes loaded up
A trip to Walmart recycling bins, to DI to drop off donations, dropping off my ipad for a screen repair, and Little Caesars pizza pick up, kids laughing like crazy in the back of the van (hooray for laughing instead of fighting!)
Pizza movie party, finishing Trolls
A few kids to bed
Jordan making reeces bars for his Young Men, taking turns with Isaac
More kids to bed
Looking at airbnb/hotels for our Provo trip this week... trying a new hotel
Reading Okay for Now with Jordan, feeding Isaac once more before sleep
Lights out