Friday, January 13, 2017


a happy Landon at Lagoon with April
A few things about Landon this week:

1. Landon just started playing on a basketball team for the first time. He was pretty nervous about being a beginner with a team of boys who have played a lot, but he has done super. I took him to practice this week and brought along my computer to work on a project. I would have loved to watch him practice and play, but I thought I might hear afterwards an embarressed "You were the only Mom there!" so I just did my own thing. Afterwards, Landon asked if I saw some of his best moves and he was dissapointed that I hadn't watched -- hooray for a not-so-little boy who still wants to say "Look Mom!" (These are some of the most heard words from Porter and Owen this week :)

2. We let Landon stay home from school one day this week, just for a day off. It happened to be a day I was watching two of Porter's friends for a little bit. And this Landon just had the best time running around and leading those kiddos on great fun adventures all over our house!

3. Driving home from basketball practice, Landon was looking for some music on the radio. I sang along as he turned to a cheesy 80's love song, and when he changed it, I teased him by singing louder and adding in the arms (safely, while driving of course)  (We did it all for the glory of love!)   And then he changed it back. (!) And I turned it up and he listened while I sang along to the rest of the song. What a kiddo!