Wednesday, January 4, 2017

snowed in

With some amazingly quick shoveling from Landon and Jordan this morning we made it out of the driveway to get the kids to school. A precarious block to the main (plowed) road and then a slow moving drive to and from (plus carrying boot-less Owen across the space from the car to the sidewalk) and all three children made it safe and sound to school. I postponed grocery shopping for a Lee's delivery tomorrow (which sadly means a day of oatmeal or cream of wheat, since those are the soft foods we have and I just had an orthodontist appointment yesterday!) Still, it felt worth it to keep warm and safe and home. 

Jordan, on the other hand, watched the snow fall and fall and fall from his outside office and decided the day was too perfectly snowy to stay home. No amount of mom-fears could dissuade him, so he ended work early, picked up the kids from school early and off they went to try out snowboarding. (I'm not going to think about the less than ideal odds of 1 Dad + 4 small kiddos first time snowboarding. I'm not going to think about all the things that might go wrong/be going wrong with that situation. I'm not going to think about it.)

So me and Isaac are here at home, packing away Christmas, walking laps around the loop when Isaac gets a bit sad, feeding/napping/playing/rolling, listening to music, trying out all the baby toys, watching this snow fall and fall and fall, and daydreaming about delicious soft foods like cauliflower soup and milkshakes.

(And not thinking about snowboarding disasters.)