Monday, January 9, 2017


You know this isn't a current photo because if it came from this week there would be another few feet of snow :) But look at that cute Owen!
Owen was a little bit sick today, and a lot slow-moving this morning trying to get back into the routine of things (after Christmas break and then only one day to school last week!) So I kept him home and we had a fun morning with Porter and Isaac. We did some school time (Every time I talk about doing school time, the first request is the dice game. So we played that with Porter and practiced Portuguese numbers too :) and did some reading practice and writing practice and read books and played with Isaac... It was a happy time.

This evening, for a little project I'm doing I was making a quick video of Owen and asking him to tell me something great that he loved about each person in our family. He was kind of stumped when he got to me. First he said "so many things!" but when I asked for something specific, he had to really think --

Then he said "Oh! One time you played Monopoly with me. You were kind of busy with lots of things to do but you just took a break and played it with me."

Which is so sweet that he'd remember such a little thing but also kind of breaks my worried-about-not-doing-enough mom heart.  I can hardly even remember that Monopoly game because it was months ago.

I hope I can just remember the sweetness of this and know that Owen feels loved when he knows I'm stopping whatever busy-ness is going on to do something just with him. And try to make that happen a little bit more.  I sure love this kid!