Monday, April 16, 2018

Good Friends

Cute (mostly unrelated) map from Ellie :)

Years ago, a good friend of mine (who was pregnant with her fifth child at the time, as I was pregnant with my second) commented on how grateful she was for friends who just helped each other through the days so much. We were going visiting teaching together, and as she dropped off her kids at another friend's house, she mentioned how her whole day was just full of helping and being helped in so many ways - in watching kids, pick ups, carpools, lessons, etc.

And it seemed like a nice thought, but I was also kind of new to being a mom with my one little Landon and I mostly just did my own thing so I didn't really get it! 

Today (like many other days) I was reminded of that little interaction.  I spent a few minutes in the morning emailing friends for help with a project, and answering emails helping friends with what they're working on. A friend's sitter got sick, so I was able to watch her sweet toddler for a few hours, I took Porter to another friends' for preschool, then Porter and Isaac both went to another friends' while Jordan and I helped with the Lego Robotics club at the school, then Porter and Owen ran over to join in on the soccer practice with another friend who coaches her team at the park here. And in between were texts and rides and other little normal every-day things. 

That's all kind of jumbled, but I was just so grateful today for these good friends and all the help they give to me and my family and for little chances to help too.