Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I read this cute book - "The Quiet Book" at the airport this summer, waiting to pick up Landon from his flight home. And it's full of all sorts of quiet -- 'First look at your new hairstyle quiet. Lollipop quiet. Sleeping sister quiet.' And the illustrations are just wonderful and add to the feel of each little description.

And right now, I have "All the big kids back to school, and the littlest one sleeping quiet." And it has been a really long time since our house has had this kind of quiet! (I'm thinking probably the Fall/Winter before Isaac was born, when Porter still napped!)

We had a great cool Fall morning, including a last minute search for a sweatshirt on the way out to school.  Then a short but lovely thunderstorm - Porter and Isaac opened the kitchen windows and squeezed onto a chair right up close to watch and listen. It will be a summer day again by the afternoon when the kids come home, but this is definitely a new season (of weather, of life)!

We had a bit of a rocky start this morning (though I think we probably always do for a bit when school starts.)  There was excitement and nervousness and routine and arguments and  apologies and wondering and some crying too. (Oh, I will be more patient tomorrow!)  Then a regular kind of morning with the little boys - a morning walk, cleaning the kitchen, ordering a backpack for Porter (some things I forgot!), and a quick trip to the Library before kindergarten drop off.

And now this quiet time for me! Which is wonderful, and also...quiet. I'm looking forward to all the possibilities ahead this year, and also feeling just a little loss at all these little ones growing up and these new seasons ahead for me to grow into. And also hopeful for more time to write again, so I can remember all the sweet times of these days!