Monday, August 27, 2018

Back to School Report

First day of school for these Elementary kids!
+ Landon was really happy to see he had friends and familiar faces in all of his classes for 7th grade. He was also excited to switch in to Honors math right before school started. The sad news was that he won't be able to continue both band and Portuguese this year. (I'm still feeling so sad about this!) He's sticking with Portuguese, and we're still figuring out what to do about trombone for the rest of Middle School. With no zero hour this year, he's happy for a little extra time in the morning + a bus ride to and from school.

+ Ellie was very anxious for class lists this year, and happy to find out she'd have some of her good friends in her class. She was happy to see her teachers note at back-to-school night that it would be low-homework year. (Me too!) And she's super excited to bike to school whenever we're able. I'm excited for her (and Landon) to study Utah History this year -- for some reason that's one of the subjects I remember most and most fondly from Elementary and Middle School.

+ On the first day of school, Owen felt like he'd already been in school a long time -- so I think he's just feeling like a pro now :) He's excited to have lots of his buddies in his class again this year. And he's hoping to learn some fun interesting math this year.

+ On the first day of school, I asked for something happy, sad, surprising... Porter was surprised at how boring kindergarten was! And sad about how boring kindergarten was! The next day, when I asked, it was "The Second Best Day Ever!!" (He wasn't sure what the first-best-day ever was, but he was pretty sure he'd had a better day sometime before, though this one was pretty great :)  He has a fabulous teacher (who also taught Landon, Ellie & Owen), so I think he is set for a really great year. It has been so fun to hear  little bits and pieces of his day (like his pirate ship playing at recess, where he was the captain and all the other kids had to go collect so many fish!)

+ And this is how little Isaac feels about all the other kids going to school without him! A few minutes ago, when we took Porter to kindergarten he was still asking "Me? Me kids-garden??"