Thursday, August 30, 2018

On a Wednesday (little thoughts from yesterday)

a new spot for a quiet time walk  (Porter reminded me of this path on one of our morning walks lately -- he's up there in the picture, a tiny spot of red riding up ahead on his bike!)
Poor Isaac is sick today -- nose dripping, eyes wet, easily sad... He sat at lunch sniffing and wiping his nose on his sweatshirt sleeve (Momma will get you a tissue!) and saying every once in a while to Porter "so sick!"

We're pulling out all the warm gear for the morning bike rides to school -- I had two jackets, ear muffs, and gloves today and was still thinking I could use another layer!

Jordan rode bikes with Landon and his friends to middle school today for their late start day. I wasn't sure how the return (uphill) trip would go, but Landon called me as soon as he got home to tell me he made it back up the hill, even with his old bike plus a flat tire.

We've had a fun new dinner a few times lately -- Thanksgiving sandwiches. (Based on our favorite grilled cheese sandwich place in Pleasant Grove and a fun restaurant we've visited in Park City) It sounds either super weird... or like what every other person already does with Thanksgiving leftovers probably... but it's been a fun new thing for us to try. (Open faced and eaten with a fork: garlic toast + mashed potatoes, turkey & gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce (and every thing in that list I've made the easiest way possible -- no actual Thanksgiving prep involved here)

I sure love Lee's grocery delivery. I went once with all the kids at the beginning of the summer to buy groceries for the week... and after that just ordered the main things we'd need every other week or so (you can just add your last order to your cart and adjust as needed) and then when I did need to go it was only a 10 minute trip,  not a whole shopping ordeal with all the kiddos!

Ellie asked if we could go to the park to pick some plums, so we took a little trip over there after school and piano practice yesterday.  And just as we were about to head back home to meet Jordan and Landon, Jordan rode over on his scooter and surprised us with an ice cream cone party!

This quiet time thing is feeling all very new again to me! If I stopped to think about it, I knew I kind of missed having some time to myself in the middle of the day, but I'd forgotten just how really great it is! I sat out in the sun yesterday and read a magazine (!)  and went on an extra walk in a new spot I hadn't walked on my own before. It is feeling like such a treat!