Tuesday, August 28, 2018

August 2018

We were ready for a change from our summer school routine by August, so we made some new plans and it was a great summer ending.  Our big thing was swimming. The timing for swim lessons didn't quite fit for us, so we got a short term membership at the gym and just went on our own. We'd finish up morning jobs and piano practice, then go swim till lunch time. The kids all took turns having a mini lesson with me (though Landon, and even Owen really just practiced and showed off for me, since they're mostly beyond what I could teach them!) and we all took turns watching and playing with Isaac.  It was such a wonderful way to end our summer, it made me feel just all filled up. One of our last days we'd finished our lesson time and we were just playing -- running races across the shallow end and playing tag till my legs were like jello -- and I'd just stop and laugh while Landon or Ellie came to tag me because I could hardly move any further... just so fun.
(And a side: Porter usually swam for about 15 minutes, and then he was ready to get out and he'd bundle up in his towel on the side and watch from a chair in the sun. The second week we were there, we swam one morning in the therapy pool (with WARM water!) and he swam and swam, just perfectly happy till everyone else was ready to go!

Other August Fun:

+  We went ice skating a few times on their 'hot chocolate club' Wednesdays, and I skated with the kids (while pushing Isaac in the stroller for some extra balance!) and again had so much fun. I still want to find a way to wear ice skates without it hurting so much (For both my sake and the kids!) But despite sore ankles, it was just a great happy time, and nice to cool down on these hot summer days.

+ I took the kids to the Jump Zone one morning, and they all thought it was pretty fabulous :)

+ We visited my friend Laura and her family in Lehi. I sure love her and loved seeing her cute family.

+ Landon went to Scout Camp! I've kind of dreaded that since he was born... but he came back safe and happy and he had a really great time. Jordan also got to join him for  the last few days too. Landon was super tough and did the long 18 mile hike and the mile swim (in freezing cold water!) He's a strong kid! I sure missed him, though it also was kind of fun to have those days to just focus on the other kids and do some special summer things with them.

+ My Dad and Shauna came to visit, and the kids were super happy to have some game playing buddies for a few days (They reminded us of a fun card game Wizard, and Owen kept them playing it again and again in any spare moments!)

+ I took a few of the kids to the Farmers Market one Saturday, and they were all delighted at all the fun things we found -- apricots, peaches, plums, and gingersnaps too! (also some fun squashes and sunflower sprouts for me and Jordan :)

+ We had a birthday party and celebration for five-year-old Porter!

+ We went on a short Bear Lake campout! We decided about 2:00 on the last Friday before school, and by 4:00 we were packed and on the way. Amazingly, we found one open campsite, and had a fun evening setting up camp, getting dinner in Garden City, making s'mores, etc. I was not so prepared for how cold it would be and was awake cold most of the night, so the next day was a bit rough for me (And made me wonder how I ever survived so many years of sleepless nights with little ones!) Still, we had a fun camping breakfast, played games and explored, had another fun meal in Garden City + raspberry shakes, and even spent a little time at the lake before a storm came through.

+ And back to school time!