Thursday, August 23, 2018

Morning Walks

I sure love these boys, and our lovely neighborhood too!
This morning Porter joined me and Isaac on our morning walk - a new routine for the new school year.  One of the best things I did this summer was getting back to my morning walks. With Jordan working in his office, I'd leave the kids to finish up their jobs and walk my little loop with Isaac then get back to (usually) finished up jobs and just-fine kids. (Though sometimes 1/2/3/4 children would be watching for me and race to be the first to let me know about the trouble that happened while I was away...) Our summer was really low-key as far as events, but with these five kiddos at home most of the time, it was also kind of intense for me. So I sure loved these few minutes of mostly-alone time!

Porter spent the first block this morning riding in and out of Isaac's view with lots of nonsense words and funny faces that had Isaac laughing and laughing like he only does for Porter's particular kind of silly.

I wasn't quite sure how walks would fit in with our new morning routines, so I'm excited it has been such an easy transition. Jordan also got Landon up early this morning to go for a bike ride, and they're both ready to be back to their early-morning routine again too. We'll enjoy these beautiful Fall days!