Thursday, October 10, 2019

Today I love...

Today is Ginkgo day! The temperatures hit just the right spot and our ginkgo tree has been raining leaves all morning. The kids are going to be thrilled to grab their rakes and play in these soft leaves when they come home! :)

Other things I love today --

Isaac and I went out to see if there were a few ripe raspberries left this morning for our fruit toast snack. There were, but they were perfectly frozen! :) Not quite what we were looking for, but a delicious way to finish off the year's last berries!

My favorite sunglasses have been missing, so I pulled out an old pair for my morning walks the last few days. They have the most perfect rusty orange tint to them that make all the gorgeous Fall colors of our neighborhood that much more beautiful.

I woke up early this morning to the sound of Landon working in the kitchen, making German pancakes for breakfast. He has been learning new recipes for a class in school, and it is so fun to see him so excited to keep practicing and making them at home!