Wednesday, August 26, 2020

First Day of School Morning


I took this picture of Landon and a friend out playing frisbee this morning as I returned from my walk. I watched them playing, talking, masks on, and was just struck by the strangeness of life right now. Landon's friend will go to school this afternoon for 2 hours with half of the students at his high school (the other half will have gone for 2 hours in the morning.) Everyone will be in masks and social distancing as best they can. Lots of hand washing and building cleaning. Etc. 

And we'd have our first day of school too -- very different from any other first day-- with all the kids learning at home this year. 

A few morning moments: 

+ One child was finished with all their morning jobs plus a few school time jobs by about 7:00 when they came in and joined me in my bed to ask "what else can I get started on?"

+ One child may have asked "what is there to smile about?" for our first-day-of-school pictures, BUT quickly turned things around.

+ The kids all went over to the field and played with a giant frisbee for their morning exercise. 

+ Checked on our garden, watered - happy to see those red cherry tomatoes! Working on the garden each morning has been such a happy, bright part of these summer days. 

+ And I love morning walks! And how I've almost always been able to add an extra loop or two these days. (Even though today that meant I was short on time and had to choose between breakfast & shower :)

+ Poured the milk for Isaac who had his cereal all ready to go. 

+ One child who has loved to wear his shirts inside out & backwards through the summer picked out a collared shirt and wore it right side out and forward -- looking sharp for this first day of school! 

+ Two children enjoyed their done-with-morning-jobs, not-yet-school-time time curling up to read. Another, played legos. 

+ And it's back-to-school time -- ready, set go!