Sunday, November 22, 2020


Jordan & the kids on a Bear Lake bike ride
Jordan and the kids on a Bear Lake bike ride 

 I'm so grateful for this family of mine. 

For our family, some things have been really hard about this Covid time (like everyone around the world!) But also, some things have been really wonderful. (Both of those things feel tricky to say - I know that many have experienced these last several months with much more difficulty than we have. And I also know that some days for us really have been difficult, despite the parts I am really grateful for!) 

For the first few weeks in the Spring, Jordan loved coming in after work, checking the calendar like he usually did, asking "what's on the calendar today?" And then he'd be so happy to say "nothing!"  

I didn't feel that way! I really missed all the things that had been canceled or that we chose not to continue. And I still grieve for some of those things (like Landon missing his first year of high school and everything that goes with it.) I'm looking forward to book groups and classroom volunteering and browsing at the library and kid play days and so many more things we'll do again someday.

But also, we have had so many special times over the last few months as we've spent so much time together. At this stage in our family when all of the events and activities for the kids were accelerating, it has been a real blessing to instead get to have this pause together.