Monday, November 23, 2020



Youngest-to-oldest first shot attempts on our new basketball court this summer 

I'm grateful for Jordan. 

He brings the fun and adventure to our family. (Right now, setting up with April for Thanksgiving week virtual board games :) He takes over dinner prep when I'm stumped for a night or week or month. He thinks of fun desserts to serve when I'm more likely to send everyone to bed. He's up each day starting his work day while everyone else is still sleeping. He finishes work and then jumps into tutor mode to work through Math and Computer Science with Landon. He reminds me it's okay for our kids to be a little muscle-sore when he challenges them to sit up and push up competitions.  He teases me about my messy desktop, and he made one of my designs his own desktop background. He has loved the calmer pace of these days and has helped us fill the time with great, happy, memory-making moments.